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Enjoy your life, enjoy your OOOE

"Let those who love outdoor activities have a barbecue oven made by JCT." As an innovator of barbecue culture, JCT group focuses on the oven industry and is committed to providing customers with a more environmentally friendly, healthy and nutritious barbecue experience.


Jinchengtai group has been established for more than 10 years. From the initial production of barbecue utensils as hardware products, it has developed to enjoy high-end products at home and abroad. From the initial manual cutting of stainless steel plate to the present automatic production equipment, we have experienced countless times of innovation and trial.

"Quality for production, reputation for development, to create a new era of barbecue" is the mission of JCT. Adhering to the spirit of craftsman, JCT strives to provide customers with the best and best product service in the forefront of production and design.

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